Product Spotlight


Look for the MAF Approved Symbol

We proudly declare that 14 products are approved by MAF. EnviroChem makes all attempts to ensure safety for the user and we have the approval for contact surface from AgriQuality NZ for our dairy farm products. » Search our MAF Approved range


Cow Mate – A Dairy Farmers best friend!

One of our most popular products is Cow Mate. It’s the perfect solution for cleaning dung on walls and floors and can be used for cleaning tractor chassis and for removing green slime. Cow mate is also MAF Approved (Dairy Farm use, Contact Surface, H1481). » Check out Cow Mate

Good as Gold - Citrus Cleaner

That’ll clean up as Good as Gold

From the natural cleaning power of citrus comes our completely and rapidly biodegradable cleaner and broad-spectrum disinfectant. Good as Gold is very concentrated and provides rapid penetration and removal of most soils off a variety of surfaces. » Order Good as Gold