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Alu Brite

Aluminium, Stainless steel, copper and chrome brightener.

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Alu Plus

Alu Plus is a Aluminium Alloy brightener and cleaner. A colourless liquid formulated specifically to clean and brighten aluminium surfaces including truck and trailer bodies, automatic transmission housings, railway coal wagons and shipping containers.

  • MAF - C21
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Liquid Bleach is a clear liquid with a typical pungent chlorine odour. Liquid Bleach is a versatile 5% sodium hypochlorite product with many uses such as stain removal, kitchen and bathroom hygiene, toilet hygiene, general disinfecting, mild and mould removal, and laundry hygiene.

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Brake Cleaner

High evaporating solvent degreaser for break pads.

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Car Brite

Car Brite is a neutral detergent designed for vehicle cleaning. Whether used in a car washing machine or by manual application, it can be hosed off immediately after the vehicle has been cleaned and requires only air-drying. Perfectly safe on chrome work.

Car Brite Shampoo is most impressive in the fast removal of road grime; fume scum that may have gathered on paintwork and windows. Exceptionally economical and only requires approximately 50ml to 5 litre of water.

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Chassis Cleaner

Chassis Cleaner is a liquid alkaline decarboniser, cleaner, rust remover for motor vehicle and heavy equipment industry. Chassis Cleaner also has a quality to remove green slime on concrete and building.

  • MAF - C31
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Citrus Multi Cleaner

Just Spray and Wipe. This multi cleaner is a biodegradeable cleaner, degreaser and broad spectrum disinfectant. It is an organic solvent which contains blended vegetable oil surfactants. It can also be used for marine applications. The quickness and effectiveness of this product is amazing.


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Curtain Side Cleaner

Curtain side cleaner is a cost efficient, hard surface cleaner formulated for the removal of mineral oils and grease, and grime from floors, walls etc. Curtain side cleaner is water rinseable and may be diluted with water for economy. Ideally suited for use in Transport Industry.

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Descaling Liquid

A heavy duty liquid acid compound with corrosion inhibitors and anti-foaming properties.
Removed water hardness scale and cleans boilers, condensers, evaporators and diesel engine cooling spaces. Dissolves rust and corrosion debris from most ferrous metals but not suitable for stainless steel or cast iron, nor zinc, aluminium or die cast alloys.

  • MAF - C34
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Glass Cleaner

Enviro glass cleaner is an ammonia free, non-streaking, multi-purpose glass cleaner formulated for domestic and commercial use.

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Gre Solve

A carefully formulated combination of wetting agents and solvents designed to give an economical, effective, safe degreasing and cleaning system. Particularly suitable for engine components.
Not suitable for heavy carbon removal.


  • MAF - C12
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Mag Bright

A colourless liquid specially formulated to clean and brighten mag wheels.

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Mower Plus

Extremely good for removing acidic build up from lawn mowers and other machinery.

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Rub & Clean

An environmentally friendly hand cleaner, suitable for applications within workshops, garages, printing works, gardening etc.
Rub & Clean is solvent free and contains many natural ingredients. It provides skin conditioners with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that assist with its excellent cleaning performance.

  • MAF - C52
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Rust Converter & Primer

A liquid rust converter and primer which chemically converts and passivates rust present on the surface to a black film which resists further corrosion. The vinyl acrylic copolymer employed exhibits very low permeability to water vapour and oxygen.


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Rust Terminator

For the removal of rust, tarnish and other insoluble deposits from mild and galvanised steels, stainless steel, aluminium and copper. It also provides an effective bond for decorative or other protective coatings.

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Sanitising Hand Gel

Hand sanitiser with moisturiser. Kills bacteria, leaving hands soft and smooth.

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Perfumed disinfectant & deodoriser

  • MAF - C32
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Spray and Forget

Algae and lichen remover (no bleach). Good for exterior use on roofs, patios, brickwork, fences and pathways as well as interior use on walls, floors and ceilings.


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Strip Plus

A heavy duty brush-on paint stripper which will effectively remove most paints and powder coatings, acrylic, enamel, melamines, two-pot epoxies and anti-fouling marine paints.
Also suitable for stripping painted wood surfaces.


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Timber Plus

Dissolves gum build-up on sanders, saw blades, sanding belts and machinery.

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Truck Brite

Specifically designed for trucks, busses and other vehicle cleaning through water blaster and truck washing systems. Truck Brite can also be used by manual cleaning. Completely biodegradable and very economical to use. It contains corrosion inhibitors and is a blend of detergents with TFR that cuts through road film very rapidly and also reduces dirt pickup and/or corrosion.


  • MAF - C37
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Vinyl and Rubber Restorer

The solution is Silicon base, gives lustre finish on tyre, vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces and is easily applied by spray or clean cloth.

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